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Berry Amendment:

US Melt - DFAR 252.225-7014 Alt.1

Bright Lights USA, INC. is fully aware of the DFAR Clause 252.225-7014 Alt.1. This clause applies to items that contain specialty metals. Specialty metals are defined in this clause as certain steels, titaniums and zirconium based alloys.

When the DFAR clause 252.225-7014 Alt.1 is called out, Bright Lights USA, INC. has the inventory and ability to provide products, test reports and documentation to assure compliance to the DFAR directive.

Bright Lights USA, INC. has vast distribution experience with the Defense, Military and Aerospace industries. As an industry leader, Bright Lights USA, INC. will guide your company through the key elements of these directives and help you to understand their importance.

   DFAR 252.225-7014


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